Stroke Risk
The assessment tools contained in this Application ("Assessment Tools") are intended only to be an informational tool for clinicians who have been allowed access to the Application by Bl. The Assessment Tools are not intended to provide general or specific medical advice. The Assessment Tools do not take into account other considerations including, but not limited to, drug interactions, contraindications and patient history, and other risk factors. Therefore, the Application and Assessment Tools should be used as a general guide only and any specific advice provided by clinicians should be based on a professional review and consideration of each patient.
The 2012 ESC Guidelines recommend the use of the CHA2DS2VASc to calculate stroke risk as it is inclusive of the most common stroke risk factors and identifies patients who are truly low risk and do not need any antithrombotic therapy.1
Congestive Heart Failure or LV dysfunction: refers to moderate-to-severe systolic dysfunction [i.e. heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HF-REF)] or patients with recent decompensated heart failure requiring hospitalisation, irrespective of ejection fraction [i.e. both HF-REF and heart failure with pre-served ejection fraction (HF-PEF)]. Vascular disease: defined as prior myocardial infarction, peripheral artery disease, aortic plaque.
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